About Us

Who We Are:

Established in 2005, JJ Studio, the progressive interior design company has redefined a new benchmark in the field of interior decor for residential and commercial spaces. Our projects include private residences, commercial developments, entertainment industry, luxury hotels, spas etc. We create spaces that combine ergonomic, functional and aesthetic components contributing to a productive environment.

The Founder:

It was the passion of Deepa Bagaria, the founder and CEO of JJ Studio that eventually led to the vision and mission of her life; to mould spaces into creations of absolute elegance keeping aesthetic and functional value intact. She started her own initiative characterized by her trademark signature of innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship in Kolkata.

Transforming spaces into a piece of art being her forte, Ms Deepa Bagaria as a creative mind and successful entrepreneur has made a name for herself in the field of interior decor. With various lucrative assignments comprising of offices, galleries, exhibition halls, multi-storied bungalows, landscaping gardens and landmark residential projects for HNI and NRI clients, now Ms Bagaria adds a new level to home decor.

Special Honour by ‘The Economic Times’:

With her decade-long vast experience in researching interior design, Ms. Bagaria is now an influencer who was invited by the esteemed daily ‘The Economic Times’ to share her valuable input on the discussion of Global Architectural Shift in 2019.

‘In the contemporary architecture, no single style is supreme. Modern architecture is all about creating quality living space and India has always been well responsive to global architectural shifts’, echoed the ace interior designer.

Deepa also adds that modern trend is minimal furniture with contemporary touch experimenting with different finishes, ‘clutter free is new hassle free’.

You Dream We Design:

At JJ Studio, we design and implement interior joints from scratch to entirety – plan a space, do thorough research, incorporate all advanced mechanism followed by expert execution with fine craftsmanship to achieve a state-of-the-art design.

We create the concepts by knowledge and understanding of forms, flow and trend with their functions by balancing your desires and wishes. From budgeted to luxurious houses, residential to commercial premises, locals to national levels, our design doesn’t fade with time as we use muted details and variety in hue and textures. We prioritize unforced layouts and precise design that embodies every element of construction and flow in interiors.

We Focus on Client Experience:

Our unfazed dedication and firm commitment has resulted in a long list of esteemed clients. Each project is given utmost importance after taking the personal inputs from the clients into account. As a result the language of design varies from one project to another letting a wonderful diversity in our portfolio to come alive. We understand that every project comes with new challenge in terms of need and preference of the clients which eventually translate into the creation of elegantly sophisticated spaces.
Our Logistics:

“While designing a space, we persistently embark on quality, excellence and innovation, treasuring our age-old visual aesthetics, cultural ethos and spiritual balance. Fusing creativity with craft and luxe with needs, we fashion a stellar abode for you that value the utmost comfort and day-to-day requires; an ideal blend of class, leisure and lifestyle.”

Interior design is about understanding people, their living and aesthetics. Designing a space is about the realities of what create a timeless environment, creative and meaningful, which transcends the notion of simply incorporating what is trendy. Design of any project is intimately personal to the client and the designer must have the flexibility and range of abilities to seamlessly realize the ideas that create elegant, practical and liveable spaces.

At JJ Studio, we believe, design should be contemplative and spiritual to satisfy all the senses and visual aesthetics for a comfortable living. Hence, quality design, which is comfortable as well as inspiring, should always be a healthy combination of serenity and elegance to gift you a home sophisticated, luxurious and classically understated.

“House is made of walls & beams but home is made of hopes and dreams”

Ms. Deepa Bagaria
Founder & Chief Executive